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Sing Like a Bollywood Star with GA, iPhone/Android App

Sing Like a Bollywood Star with the GA - In recent years, Bollywood has taken over the Western world with their unique songs and their unsurpassed talent. In the subcontinent of India, however, singers have always been revered, and hit films quickly develop millions of fans in India alone. Have you always dreamed of singing like a Bollywood star? Dreaming about becoming a star is not enough; you need to practice to be able to sing like some of the most beloved characters in Indian television.

Practice Makes Perfect with GA - When you learn singing, one of the first tasks you will need to accomplish is searching for the right music teacher. Teachers that specialize in coaching music will help you learn how to really listen to the music and how to best utilize your talents as a singer. Music coaches can get quite expensive and they tend to take up a lot of your time, and this is where the latest App GA can help you; not only will it teach you how to sing Bollywood style, but it is like having your own personal music coach in your pocket that you can take out anytime and practice.

What Will GA App Teach you? - This App will take you through the fundamentals of singing; from listening techniques to breathing exercises. In order to learn how to sing, you need to be able to differentiate between notes in music and repeat them once you have heard them. Differentiating between music notes is not always easy, especially when the chords are very close together, but the ability to do so is the mark of a great singer.

Breathing exercises are just as important as differentiating between music notes. Breathing techniques help you to retain your breath for longer (giving you the ability to sing longer, more powerful notes), and they help you to prevent becoming short of breath. Breathy, shaky singing is not going to help you make your mark as a Bollywood singer, and so you need to practice these breathing exercises as often as you can.

The Convenience of GA - GA is an App that can be purchased for an iPhone, iPad or Android phone, and this means you will be able to carry your music coach in your pocket throughout the day. Whenever you have a spare moment, you can simply pull out your phone and begin practicing your singing; nothing could be simpler. Before you can start practicing with the GA App, you will need to download it from the iTunes store or Android Market and you can do this from your smartphone. Once you have downloaded the app, you can begin using it immediately (along with Hindi and Urdu translations) to begin furthering your skills as a Bollywood singer and hopeful star.

The Importance of Breathing and Listening when Singing

Focus of a Singer - A singer needs to focus on many things while they are in the process of performing, and each facet could end up affecting the quality of their voice. If you want to improve your own singing abilities, whether it is to ensure that you can perform all your favorite songs within the genre of Hindi music or simply to entertain yourself in the shower, no matter what you want to achieve with your vocal chords, you can rest assured that you will have a better chance of finding success by practicing your breathing and listening abilities.

Impact of breathing on your singing - Breathing is an integral part of learning how to sing, and this is because the manner in which a person breathes while they sing will impact how their voice sounds when it is released from their voice box. If you do not breathe properly, you could end up becoming short of breath, and those that are listening will be able to hear this in your singing. By learning how to breathe, singers will also find it easier to hold longer notes, sing more powerfully and generally enjoy the entire action a lot more.

How recognizing chords help you - Listening is extremely important when you are in the process of learning to belt out songs, and this is because you will often have to repeat chords that you hear precisely and clearly. If you are just a bit off on your chords, the entire song could end up sounding very strange indeed, and professional singers who cannot recognize various chords will not be taken seriously within this industry.

Vocal coach who is alaways with you - In order to learn how to sing, how to breathe properly and how to recognize notes when they are played to you, it might be a good idea for you to locate an app or exercises that you can use on your iPhone, iPad or Android, since this will allow you the chance to practice everything from your breathing exercises to your chord recognition abilities. While it might take some time for you to be able to improve your abilities in all of these areas, you need to ensure that you put a few hours aside every week to work on them so that you can begin to improve over time. Committing yourself to these improvements is one of the best ways to make sure that you find success; just be sure to enjoy the process, and you will find that you can't wait for each and every lesson!

The Benefits of Practicing with Ga Mobile App

Practicing to be a Bollywood star is not easy - You need to make sure that you know how to sing and you need to be able to stun crowds with your hindi music. In order to be able to achieve all of this, you might want to turn to an app for the iPhone, Android and iPad so that you can start training to be a star within this industry. Hiring the services of a vocal instructor might be a great way to start your training as a singer, but what happens if you don't like the way that they approach this task? What happens when you find that you do not have the time to take schedules singing classes? In these instances, the right app might be just what you have been looking for.

Regular Practice - If you really want to learn how to sing, it is important that you practice on a regular basis, and this is something that can be very time consuming. When you turn to a coach, you might have to attend schedules classes, and so you will have to follow their timetable, not your own. When you turn to a high quality app, on the other hand, you can rest assured that you'll receive the training you need without having to attend land based classes, and the best thing about them is that you can practice as often as you like, wherever it suits you best!

Polish your Singing skills - Fine tuning your skills when it comes to singing means that you need to be willing to practice all of these skills regularly. Vocal students need to remember to practice their breathing exercises, practice identifying the chords of songs and generally learning to sing those Hindi and Urdu songs that are so well loved within their country. Remembering each and every aspect of what it takes to be a great singer can be quite daunting; which is why so many students are choosing to turn to high quality Bollywood apps that will provide them with the lessons they need to begin improving their skills.

Importance of patient - Becoming famous is not something that happens overnight; in fact, some people never acquire the skills that they need to achieve this, and if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to be willing to go the extra mile to do just that. By putting in the effort to become a star, you will have an easier time of proving your abilities and making something of yourself within this exciting industry.

What Does It Take To Be a Bollywood Star?

Dedication - On the subcontinent of India, singing is more than just a past time; it is an art form that can quickly draw millions of fans and turn someone into a star overnight. It is not enough to simply sing and expect fame and wealth overnight, since you need to be able to do it properly, and if you don't know how this is done, you need to learn. If you want to learn how to sing, whether it is to Western or Hindi music, practice is the key, and so you must be willing to devote your time and effort to this task. You might also want to invest some time into finding a teacher that will help you along the way, and remember, your instructor doesn't have to be a person, since you can turn to an app in order to obtain sound instruction on what it takes to be a Bollywood star and how you can go about achieving your goal of making a name for yourself within this exciting industry.

Right Tools - Once you have the tools that you need to start practicing to become a great singer, you need to make sure that you practice regularly, and this is easy when you are using an iPhone, Android or iPad that will allow you the chance to access your singing app whenever you need it. Remember that you will have to divide your time between learning the songs that have turned ordinary people into Bollywood stars, as well as learning how to listen to the different chords being played and breathing properly while you sing them back. Improving your vocal abilities by taking the time to learn and practice everything from breathing exercises to Urdu songs will help you along your path to stardom and assist in giving you a better chance of finding success among the many would-be stars that are also trying to make their own way in the entertainment industry.

Open Up - Remember, when it comes to this type of art form, you need to have fun with it, and this also means that you need to enjoy practicing no matter what exercise you are busy with. Locating apps that will help you turn this challenge into a fun, exciting and success task will give you the best possible chance of making it within the world of Hindi and Urdu music and possibly even turn into a star.

How to Sing better with Ga - Vocal Coaching App

Human voice Muscles - Muscle memory plays very important role in our singing skills. Many people ask me very simple question that how to sing or how to sing better. In this article I will give you some tips which will help you to learn how to sing with ease.

Breath - Your breath control is very important in order to learn how to sing. If you really are serious about becoming good singer first thing you need to concentrate on is your breath. Proper breath control helps your voice to be powerful and we can sing with resonance and on right pitch. In Ga app (available for iPhone and Android) we have given you some properly designed exercises to improve your breath while you sing. How to sing without straining your voice is very difficult if you don't do daily practise to improve your muscle memory.

Vocal Coach - If you want to become a great singer you need some musicality. A good vocal coach (Ga) will give you some useful exercises which will help you to learn how to sing better. To afford a vocal coach for one to one singing lessons is not in everyone's capacity so so we have provided you Ga mobile app. Ga has many exercises designed to shape your voice to make you sing like a singing Rockstar. You can download Ga app on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch or any other smartphone with Android operating system. Ga exercises will add more power to you voice if it is thin and you will see the improvement within few days of starting Ga exercises. We advise you that if you want to see real improvement in your singing abilities please do exercises in routine and as per instructions given in the videos.

Your vocal range - Your vocal range is essential to make you sing with ease. When you start learning how to sing also do exercise to develop your vocal range. You need to develop your ability of mix voice to make you how to sing without breaking your voice on high range. Again make sure you do all the exercises as per instructions. Your voice will be assessed based on your its sound character. Doesn't matter how many notes you can hit or runs/trills. You can develop your range with proper training.

Confidence - Along side learning good techniques and doing regular exercises to learn how to sing you also need to develop and show your confidence. When you start singing in front of other people don't care what they will think. Just keep practicing how to sing and you will gain your confidence. Make sure that you are ready to sing and keep doing practise.

Vocal Warm up - Role of vocal warm up is very vital when you start singing or doing practice of how to sing. Alway warm up your voice by doing small patterns of middle range,low range and then high range. Please do not stress while you learn how to sing. When your learn how to sing please spend at least 10 minutes on each range. Always stay comfortable while do how to sing exercises and go and up and down in your range.

Pronunciation and vowels - Please make sure that you pronounce the words correctly while you learn how to sing or do exercises how to sing. Do practice of all the vowels on different pitch to learn how to sing better. Classical singer will sustain the note on first vowel and they will say the second on the way to final consonant.

Importance of Scales - Practice of scales is another important part when you learn how to sing better. If you are learning from a vocal coach they will advice you to do this at least 25-30 minutes a day when starting out. When we practice scales it will strengthen our voice muscles and will help when us when we learn how to sing.

Finally, few things to keep in mind - When you learn how to sing avoid shouting. Shouting is not singing. Try to sing on right pitch while you practice how to sing. Don't forget to warm up your vocals before you do exercise to learn how to sing. Cool down your voice after finishing the exercises to learn how to sing. Only choose good practice techniques and try to them in right way when you learn how to sing. Doing the exercises in wrong way while you learn how to sing can damage your voice. Take plenty of water while you practice how to sing. Alway try to sing from your diaphragm while practice how to sing. Avoid screaming while you practice how to sing better. Sing from your heart always even when you practice learning how to sing and feel the words of the song. And finally alway be yourself while you sing or learn how to sing.

Singing Tips : How To Sing - Simple Singing Tips To Learn How To Sing Better

Vocal Warm Up - When your start singing or start practising singing exercises please make sure that you warm up your vocal chords or your voice before you start singing. If you warm up your voice before you sing it will prevent your voice from being damaged. For better vocal warm up try to breath out from your mouth and release air from your lungs. In Ga vocal coaching mobile app we have given you singing exercises which will improve your singing, tone and breathing control. But before you start doing these exercises we recommend that you warm up your vocals.

Higher Notes - In this short tip. we will talk about how to sing higher notes. First thing I would like to say is to avoid belting, pushing and straining your vocal cords. These things can damage your vocal cords. In fact to sing the higher notes you need less air and not more air because your vocal cords are so stretched at that point you really need less air to sing better those higher notes.

Develop mixed voice - What is mixed voice or blended voice. Mixed voice is basically when you sing using chest voice and your head voice. Usually when people sing they have crack when they go to sing in head voice from their chest voice. This is also called bridge. Singing is really not something which can be learned overnight. Learning how to sing is a long term process and you need lot of practice to develop your singing voice. It is not easy afford vocal lessons or singing classes for some people but I would suggest that if you really are serious about about your singing career go and invest some money to learn how to sing better. In Ga mobile app we have given you various exercises which you can use learn how to sing better in different singing styles like Bollywood, Hip hop, RnB etc. Ga singing exercises are given in Hindi/Urdu and there is written description in english in each exercise video. So download Ga today on your iPhone, Android or iPad and start improving your vocals.

Indian Classical Music - In indian singing you need to have a right voice range. Over the years, we have always seen when it comes to sing hindi/urdu music its something serious. And the fun element is complete dropped out. Ga mobile app (Available for iPhone/iPad and Android) has introduced an extensive curriculum of learning hindi/urdu singing. But inside your house in much more comfortable, cool and fun method of teaching how to sing practice songs in Hindi/Urdu on your Android/iPhone and iPad device.

Seven notes - There are only seven notes. Any song we hear is combination of these seven notes. There are millions and millions of song but they all are combination seven notes. So what is unique about Ga (Hindi/Urdu vocal coaching app for Android, iPhone and iPad )? It is structured and systematical approach to teach you how to sing in Hindi/Urdu. Ga singing exercises are very unique and modern. There are four main sections in this mobile app Intro Video (Video about the app), Breathing exercises (This section contains videos and audios about breathing exercises), Listening exercises (Contains videos and audios for listening exercises), Vocal exercises (contains videos and audios for vocal exercises). Each section have three video with instructions(called How To Do It) how to do a particular vocal exercise. In front of these How to Do it videos there are audio exercise recordings which give you chance to perform that exercises yourself. Make sure that when you do the singing exercises yourself, you do them correctly as instructed in "How To Do it" videos.

Relax your throat - When you start learning how to sing, make sure that you relax your throat while singing. Breathing will really affect your voice when you sing. If you have better control on your breathing while you learn how to sing, you can sing without straining your voice and your singing will look natural. Alway breath deep when you learn how to sing or while doing singing exercises. When your learn how to sing always try to breath in through your nose and out through your nose and mouth. Try to relax yourself as much as you can while you sing or while you do singing exercises. To improve your singing or to sing better with good breath control make sure you breath in gradually, feel that your filling up.

Your own voice - To become a better singer you should find your own voice rather singing in your favourite singer's voice. Alway sing in your own natural voice. As you know its important to warm up your voice before you start doing exercises for singing or you start learning how to sing make sure that you don't make your voice tired before singing. If you keep practising or singing in someone else's voice or try to sing exactly to follow your idle singer artist your will destroy your voice will not able to sing with full power and freedom. In Ga we have provided you're singing exercises which if you keep practising on regular basis will help you to find your own singing voice.

Voice Range - Your singing voice range is the range between highest and lowest note you can sing better with ease and without screaming and damaging your vocal cords voice. Mainly there are 4 voice types considered which are classified by their range or singing. Female singing voices Soprano which is high and Alto which is low. There are male singing voice types which are Tenor, high or there is Bass which is low. Now the question is how you can explore your singing voice range. To find your range you should try to sing note that comes most naturally to you. When your practise how to sing or do singing exercises gradually take the pitch up to highest note you can sing better without straining. And then go down to lowest note while you sing with ease or without straining your singing voice.

Body Language - When you are singing on stage or in recording studio your body language plays vital role. Research has shown that while you sing 7 percent communication is by words rest is by your body language while your sing. When you are singing make your own impact using your body language and your voice training your have gained from Ga singing exercises. Singing is not just speaking some words but expressing the emotions through your singing and body language. Your voice is main part of your singing with confidence. So if you want to see real improvement on your singing try to express your express emotions through your singing voice with help of your body.

Practise makes things perfect - As we have given you some of best singing exercises in Ga (Android/iPhone/iPad) mobile app we recommend that your do these singing exercise on regular basis daily to see improvement in your singing skills. More you practise with Ga singing exercises the more power in your singing skills you will see. Go through all the singing exercises and fix a time for to learn how to sing better with Ga singing exercises. For better organising your time to learn how to sing better you can chose to do breathing exercises for at least 10 minutes after you warm up your vocals or voice. Then spend 10 minutes time to listening exercises and 10 minutes for vocal exercises. As you see your voice is less tired and your voice box is becoming habitual of singing exercises increase your practise time gradually to strengthen your singing skills.

How To Sing Tips: Part 1

Singing - Singing is a wonderful talent. Everyone of us can learn how to sing with proper practice and time. When we sing its our heart which speaks not us. Many people ask this question how to sing or how can we learn how to sing. As I always say singing is not a skill which comes without hard work and dedications. Learning how to sing needs your time, dedication, attention and some investment if you really want learn how to sing better or want to become and exceptional singer. When we see someone singing so nice, and we just get impressed by their singing. I am sure many times we brings this thought into our mind can I sing like him or how can I learn how to sing like this great singer.

Vocal Training Videos - If you really want to improve your singing and want to learn how to sing better fast, I suggest you to watch vocal training videos on youtube or on another video resource. When you want to learn how to sing better or are serious to get your singing to next level there is no limit of resources available to learn how to sing better. Ga Hindi/Urdu vocal coaching app is one of those resources which will help your to improve your vocal and teach you how to sing better. Singing is not just singing the right notes, singing should come from your heart and while your singing you should connect with your audience to make them feel the words or song. So once your master the skills how to sing, you can start working on expressions in singing.

One on One - Learning how to sing by watching online videos is the cost effective way of learning how to sing but at some point you have consider investing some money to take One on One vocal coaching classes. A vocal coach can tell your mistakes while you are learning how to sing so that you can work on those mistakes to sing better. Ga Hindi/Urdu vocal coaching app has training program which will suit to all type of singers from beginners to moderate and professional singers. Learning how to sing may look easier when your watch vocal coaching videos but actually thing will come out when you try to sing yourself. While you learn how to sing online you will see lot of singing tips from different teachers. So watching only videos to learn how to sing is best way to start with and once you start seeing little improvement in your singing you can find a good music teacher to learn how to sing better.

Affordability - When it comes to learning how to sing, affordability is first hurdle for many people who cannot afford one to one music teachers or vocal coach to learn how to sing. Ga Hindi/Urdu vocal coaching app is one of those cost effective resources which you can use on your smartphone to teach yourself how to sing with easy to use singing exercises. Ga hindi/Urdu vocal coaching app is available for iPhone/iPad or Android. So if you can't spend lot of money on taking how to sing classes and really want to learn how to sing download Ga app today and start singing with great exercises to bring quality to your singing. You will see the difference in your singing skills and vocal quality after few weeks of using Ga vocal coaching app if you do Ga singing exercises properly and on regular basis to learn how to sing.

Person Vocal Coach - When you do Ga exercises to learn how to sing make sure you try not strain your voice while you learn how to sing with Ga. This is the only difference between Ga vocal coaching app and a personal vocal coaching teacher. A personal vocal coach will tell detect your mistake while your learn how to sing or do their exercises to learn how to sing. But if you watch/listen all instructions given in Ga app about how to sing better or learn how to sing you will not make these mistakes while your learn how to sing with Ga exercises. But if you really want to learn how to sing from personal vocal coach please be careful to choose your personal vocal coach as there are really some bad ones out there. When you want to learn how to sing try to search in google singing tips, vocal exercises.

Dynamics in vocals - Never let your vocals be destroyed by doing wrong exercises while you learn how to sing. Always try to sing with comfort when you do how to sing exercises or learn how to sing or even when you sing on stage. How to sing hight notes and how to sing low notes is one of the challenging task for beginners. If you want to get to your higher range without straining when you learn how to sing, try to develop mix voice while you do how to sing exercises. A mix voice is blend of you lower range and higher range during your how to sing exercises. You can learn how to sing in mix voice by watching various videos on youtube. Ga vocal coaching app also teaches you how to sing in mix voice by providing various exercises while allow you to go up and down in your range while you do Ga how to sing exercises.

Confidence is the key - Confidence in your singing is the key factor which can be developed while doing how to sing exercises by trying to sing in different styles when you do how to sing exercises. One of the best thing to develop when you learn how to sing is to feel that no one is watching your when you sing. During how to sing exercises try to bring out your emotions in actually song feel the mean of words when learning how to sing. Keep one thing in your mind that you do not need approval from a single personal how good you are in singing. So always do how to sing exercises with this feeling and try to free your voice while you learn how to sing. Do not care what people will think about your singing just keep doing how to sing exercises and gain confidence. When you practice how to sing exercises imagine that you are singing on stage with thousands of people watch you but don't think that they are judging you. So sing from your heart while practicing how to sing exercises. Make sure that you are ready and know how to sing properly with confidence when you go for performance.

How To Sing Tips: Part 2

Bollywood Playback Singing - Learning singing is not only for the people who wants to become a bollywood playback singer but also for those who wants to improve their karaoke singing skills. To be successful as a bollywood playback singer is based on a unique formula which people outside of india are not aware of. Bollywood film industry is very large and helps new comers to become popular in playback singing if they work hard and have right strategy to establish themselves in bollywood as a singer. Playback singing is a competitive profile in indian cinema. Playback singers sing the songs for movies where actor in the movie simply lip sync so people less likely see people singing behind the actor on screen. Songs are such a integral part of hindi films in fact singing or songs in a movie helps to create a hype before the film is actually released. So if the singing or songs in movie are really good singer is very skilled to make these songs sound extra ordinary some of the hindi movies goes hit and songs play a major role in that.

Art of Playback Singing - There are so many upcoming playback singers singing for various new bollywood movies. Some of playback Singers have really worked hard to become today's celebrity playback singers. For learning singing there is no limit one can learn to sing in various language or various styles. A singer who can sing good on stage doesn't mean that he/she can sing that good in a film as playback singer. There are different singing skills required to be a playback singer. When singing a playback song in hindi film singer have to give voice expressions according to the situation in film for example if the situation is sad in the movie singer have to express this through his/her singing. And while singing singer have to connect to audience through expressions so that. So when actor in the hindi film acts in a particular situation their acting plus playback singing should force the people who are watch to feel that situation and connect it to themselves.

Singing Techniques - Singing for hindi films in modern times has changed a lot. Because there was not much tech gadgets available in old times while singing a song for movie. Playback singers had to sing live with all the instruments being played while singing ind recording studio. So even small mistake by singer while singing or by any of instrument player would cause to start the song recording and singing process from beginning. When a playback singer comes for singing for film or record a song for movie he/she is given some time for rehearsal so that he can understand the melodies in song and understand scene in the movie. Some of the playback singers like late Mohammed Rafi Sahab, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar and in current time Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal have mastered the art of playback singing. Every one of these great singers have their own style of singing and they do or have done justice to all of their songs while singing in films.

Language Practice for Singing - Role of language control. For singing in hindi movies as playback singer one should be fluent in hindi language because most of the indian movies are made in hindi except some of the regional movies which are made in local languages like Punjab, Marathi, Gujrati, Tamil, Telgu, Bengali etc. If singing is your hobby and want to try your luck in bollywood singing start learning hindi. If a singer is singing in multiple languages he/she might have better chance to become bollywood playback singer and singing in a hindi movie. This type of singer can start with singing in various regional movies and progress to become a hindi playback singer. So practice of mastering of language is must to be a successful hindi playback singer.

Singing Voice Training - This is one the hardest steps for singing in hindi movies as playback singer. For the people who are passionate about singing this is not very simple just going and singing in hindi movies. For singing as playback singer you have to be master in studio recording. You may be good for singing on stage but doesn't not mean that you are ready for singing a playback song in studio for a hindi film. You have to learn lot mic and vocal techniques. There so many good vocal coach available to help you train your voice and make it ready for playback singing. Stamina, pitch and throw of voice is very important for singing as playback singer. So intense profession vocal coaching may help your dream for singing films become true.

Playback Singing Connections - Another good way to push yourself as singing in hindi films is have right connections with music directors and composers in bollywood film industry. You can record demos of your singing voice and post them on various website. Because music directors and composer mostly choose which singer is good for singing in their upcoming song. So if you are master of singing and have right trained voice ready for playback singing someone will spot you and journey of your playback singing will start in bollywood. You can also try discover a music director's favourite place or venue. Go for opening call for singing auditions for bollywood playback singers.

How To Sing Tips: Part 3

Singing in Falsetto - Some singers use their falsetto extensively and give their singing unique shape and colour. With time and practice of falsetto singing a good singer can harness the power of his/her falsetto singing voice during performance. There are different ways how to achieve falsetto singing naturally. Falsetto and Head voice- How to distinguish falsetto from your head voice while you are singing. Well many singers/vocalists think that falsetto and head voice are same. But falsetto singing and head voice singing are different singing techniques. Head voice is singing in higher part of our natural singing voice. But singing in falsetto uses edges of our vocal chords to produce a sound which is not our natural singing voice but gives different texture to this. For developing good falsetto effect in your singing use scales and different songs daily during singing practice.

How to Sing in Tune - Singing in tune is basically to clean and professional sound for a vocalist. Staying in tune is difficult for new singers while given vocal performance. Everyone can learn to sing in tune and train vocal chords accordingly. When a singer starts recognising that he/she is not in tune that is good sign for vocal performance. Singing in tune is hearing the correct pitch in your head before you start singing. When you sing with a backing track try to figure out if you sing high or low than the backing music track. When you practice with piano or harmonium listen to the note you sing and harmonium/piano note same time. If you sing in tune you will hear a smooth sound in your head. Choose random notes on harmonium/piano and sing along in tune with them.

Vocal Practice - To become a good singer you need regular vocal exercises/lessons to train the body until your vocal ability reaches on peak. Vocal chords are like any other muscle in body and need to be warmed up before singing or any vocal performance. It doesn't matter that how long have you been singing or how experienced are you in vocal performances. It is recommended to perform or sing in a healthy manner to avoid any damage to your vocal chords or voice. Vocal chords are muscles which are small and think and it vibrates when air pass through. There are different ways you can learn to practice for singing or vocal performances. Make sure that while doing vocal practice/exercises you have good body posture, chin level, head up and your shoulders are relaxed. Sing one note holding the note for as long as you can without becoming short of breath. Avoid singing or practice for long periods as it can strain your voice. Do not do vocal practice or sing if your not well. If you feel uncomfortable/tired while singing/practicing stop and rest your voice.

Power of Resonance - Resonance is also an important part of singing. Resonance is to employ a nasal sound when singing or practicing. How to apply resonance while singing can be learned with practice. To begin with try to cry with your chest voice and keeping going slowly up. As your vocal approach your mixed voice try to reduce the weight of chest voice in your vocal and let your voice be thin. At this your vocal will need less air. While doing vocal practice if you go direct into your head voice your tone can fall back and up into your head. Regular use of vocal exercises when you practice singing will slowly develop your resonance ability. A good resonance in singing helps to broaden our oval register. Not all the singers know what resonance mean when you start discovering you will learn that this is important element of singing.

Head Voice and Chest Voice - Human vocal chords/folds can vibrate in different modes. The concept of head voice and chest voice for singing is very old. Earlier there wasn't much understanding how human voice or vocal work while singing or any other vocal performance. In modern days people have started to learn how to sing techniques with scientific research. Now human beings have a clear idea how the sound is made when we sing. Some vocal/singing teachers use the words head voice or chest voice to describe. Chest voice is the voice most people use to speak with. Some people can feel area vibrating in their chest while singing or speaking. Some people or teachers describe head voice as falsetto but that is not the case. Head voice is not falsetto as falsetto is just a technique or tone which made with practice. We do not need raise our larynx to reach our head voice. Mixing chest voice with head voice is a technique which comes with time practice. So to become a good singer and taking your singing to next level the key is practice, practice and practice.